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"We enjoyed working with the team at Tinmouse on our Inclusive Guidance for Running Events film. They were able to produce it within a short timescale and provided good advice and guidance in areas where we did not have specific expertise or experience. We would recommend them tor anyone else creating a similar project”

Liz Purbrick, National Disability Manager at England Athletics


We were excited to be asked by England Athletics to produce a disability and inclusion film for them to make running events more inclusive in the UK. Setting up inclusive running events for all abilities can be a daunting process so we set out to make an explainer film that immersed the viewer in a friendly and community led environment.


Character sketches 002


The narrative was split into digestible sections, simplified within our scripting process, turning a more complex PDF document into an accessible film. Looking to one of our favourite designers, Mirjam Plettinix, we came up with an array of eclectic characters ranging in abilities.

Stripping back on all background elements, keeping only what was necessary, we better highlighted the characters and kept the simplicity the film needed to be accessible to all.. Keeping to a limited colour palette also kept the text and information simple and in high contrast which is so vital for inclusive films. In parallel it allowed us to create a stylised look that uniquely represented England Athletics and their brand.

The film has been used to provide inclusive techniques and skills when planning a running event, being shown at talks and via YouTube to great success.


Year - 2016

Client - England Athletics

Director - Mirjam Plettinx

Animators - Mirjam Plettinx and Tom Sanders

Scriptwriter - William Long and England Athletics


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