Zippo Encore

The Brief

We were approached by SlamPR and Zippo to produce some worldwide social media films for their music programme Zippo Encore. Used to advertise their limited edition music festival lighters to 9 festivals around the world the films needed to be short, edgy and most importantly unique to post on the specific festivals Facebook and Twitter pages.


Character sketches 002


To keep within budget, whilst giving each and every festival it's own unique piece of social media content was tough. Our solution was to create a single 'master' film that could be adapted to each of the 9 music festivals. We created a project file that enabled us to swap out the lighters artwork, the stage's banners and the call to action text at the end. Swapping colours in and out also helped us to create a film that was totally on brand with each music festival. Delivered worldwide each film had it's own identity and could feel personal to that festival.

The films were launched in the lead up to the respective music festivals creating a huge buzz for Zippo Encore and the limited edition lighters. In a great example Download Festival’s Facebook page clocked up over 22,000 views in the lead up and following 4 months.


Year - 2016

Client - Zippo

Agency - Slam PR

Director - Tom Sanders

Animators - Mike Foster

Sound Designer - Total Harmony


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