Learning all the time from new techniques and styles we pick up from our daily work, and also the talented people we work with, we let loose and produce our very own animated shorts. With two shorts to date being highly praised throughout the industry, co-directors Tom Sanders and William Long are always adding to the list of new stories and inspiration. The list is endless and so are the creative possibilities, so take a look below to see what they've come up with so far.




This is Rex Factor the Animated Show. A rip-roaring ride through the life of King Richard III. Based on the internationally successful history podcast Rex Factor.

Producer: Tom Sanders
Script - Graham Duke and Ali Hood
Directors - Tom Sanders and Mike Foster
Animators - Andrew Whittle, Dayashini Pomphrey, Rob Birchall, Matt King, Mike Foster and Tom Sanders
Character Design - Mike Foster
Sound Design - Jake Sanders/Total Harmony
Music - Jamie Long





The Robin wants nothing more than to devour a seed ball for breakfast but two stubborn pigeons stand in his way.

Co-Directed, Animated and Designed - Tom Sanders
Co-Directed and Written - William Long
Music Composed - Jamie Long
Sound Design - Jake Sanders
Coloured - Hannah Lott





An insurmountable wall of ice separates a man and woman. They must find a way to reach each other before it's too late. Produced over 5 months It went quickly from small story to an epic little short film, to capture best this atmospheric track.

Co-Directed, Animated and Designed - Tom Sanders
Co-Directed and Written - William Long
Music Composed - Kevin Pearce
Assistant Animator - Joseph Casson



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