The Mouse House

Our custom built client portal giving you access to all the files from your project. Anytime, anywhere.

From Audio to Designs, Storyboards to final Renders. Easy, permanent access allowing you to review, download and track the progress of your project.

Why does it exist?

Every project means lots of files and this can get complicated quickly. With lots of different ways to send and receive, such as email attachments, download links, streaming links, it can all get quite confusing. Everything flying around the ether and in a myriad of email chains.

The Mouse House simplfies this and has everything under one roof.

Providing quick acccess to all your files anytime and anywhere using the power of Google Drive (and some excellent organisational skills).

How does it work?

It works simply. At the start of your project one of the Tinmouse team will provide you with one link to your Mouse House. Inside this link you’ll see folders named and colour coded which each stage of production.

This where we’ll put all the files you need to view, feedback and download for the entire project.

If you have any questions about the Mouse House then let us know on the details below...