Code of ethics

Be attentive

We encourage a culture and working environment where people treat each other with respect, promoting equal opportunity for all. Take time to listen to the thoughts and concerns of your colleagues and clients, adapting where necessary to provide a more inclusive and happier place of work.

Be respectful

Treat your colleagues and clients with respect at all times, treating them as you wish to be treated. It is important to build relationships that are based on trust and mutual respect.

Be sustainable

Support efforts to drive sustainable development. Recognise that our business operations may at times impact the environment and work must be done to reduce these harmful effects. This may be through offsetting or changing our practices.

Be honest

Be straightforward and honest in your relationships with colleagues and clients, practicing a culture of openness both internally and externally. We must be truthful about the services we provide, the knowledge we possess, and the experience we have gained.

Be flexible

We must be open to the possibility of change. Be pragmatic, thinking of workarounds and exploring all avenues before coming to a conclusion.

Be true to yourself and take a break when you need to. Working flexibly within your job is important and healthy. It is actively encouraged to step out once a day at any point to exercise.

Be creative

Be confident in pushing boundaries and yourself to develop ideas that are original for every brief, making sure the client feels that they are getting a personal and unique service.

Fresh new approaches and ideas are always encouraged. With an open door policy in place we welcome changes to company processes and ways of working, implementing where appropriate.