Egress Explainer

End Client Egress
Director Tom Sanders

The idea

Egress had updated their branding and wanted to mirror this new aesthetic in their video content. We were tasked with taking this contemporary and slick digital look and feel and create motion design that explained their business and products.

How we made it stand out

Egress Explainer project image 0Egress Explainer project image 1Egress Explainer project image 2Egress Explainer project image 3Egress Explainer project image 4

Our flagship video was the company explainer, detailing Egress products and overall service. We used their brand icons and simplified them to create a strong set of iconography and colour themes to represent each area of the business and available solutions.

We created a motion style that stripped everything down to its simplest form and used these shapes and symbols to represent what was being narrated. Movement was kept minimal and seamless throughout in order to demonstrate the seamless nature of the Egress system.

Taking it further...

As well as a front of house explainer we have also produced content for their external exhibition stands: