NHS Covid-19 Questions Answered

End Client NHS England
Agency Verve Communications
Director Tom Sanders

The idea

The aim for this series of 7 films for NHS England was to provide people of the UK with clear, concise and reliable information on the Covid-19 vaccine, in particular BAME groups.

Inclusivity was the key area for the films. To portray a wide range of ethnicities and religions in order to make the films relevant to all that watched. It was also vital to create graphics that were easily readable on all devices so a bold use of colour and geometric design was employed.

How we made it stand out

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We sensitively created a cast of characters that embodied the diverse nature of the UK population, making sure there were no negative stereotypes.

Keeping the information clear and bold was achieved in the creation of a geometric, graphic style. No hard edges gave it a softer and more inviting feel and we kept the amount of scenes to a minimum to keep focus.

Another aspect that had to be considered was the inclusivity of the narration. We therefore translated the film into 17 languages. Tinmouse instructed and managed the process of script translations, voiceover, animated text and subtitles for all the languages.

Taking it further...

View the full series below on the NHS England YouTube page