Science Museum: Engineers Gallery

End Client Science Museum
Director Mike Foster

The idea

We were asked by the Science Museum to produce 7 films introducing and educating audiences about the winning inventions for the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering. These films were debuted in the Science Museum’s new Engineers Gallery.

From What to Where. A 60 second rundown of each invention. Set to inspire, educate and engage viewers. Through a series of infographics, real-world imagery and dynamic text, tell the story of each invention in a way that suits a young audience used to watching fast-paced, dynamic content through social channels. Collaborating once more with Rivers Trust to create a video for new campaing, Preventing Plastic Pollution. A partnership with 18 organisations from across France and England, seeking to understand and reduce the impacts of plastic pollution in the marine environment.

How we made it stand out

Science Museum: Engineers Gallery project image 0Science Museum: Engineers Gallery project image 1Science Museum: Engineers Gallery project image 2Science Museum: Engineers Gallery project image 3Science Museum: Engineers Gallery project image 4

To keep the content digestible for the viewer we ear-marked chapter headings, helping to clearly define which section of the film they were in. This became increasingly pertinent when you consider that people were joining the video at different times, watching over shoulders. They were able to pick up at any point, know what section they are watching and then go to catch up if engaged.

Due to the space it was preferred for the film to work without sound, and most importantly without voiceover. The script was written with this in mind, creating short snappy, digestible sentences to demonstrate each point.

We also echoed the colour of the exhibits main attraction, a blue and orange sculpture. This was the key to linking everything together harmoniously

Taking it further...

Please find below a few more of our favourite films created for the Science Museum Engineers Gallery: