Simpson's Paradox

End Client TEDEd
Director Mike Foster

The idea

A film that educated on the Simpsons Paradox as part of TEDEd's education platform. A platform where often complex subjects are boiled down to their simplest form.

How we made it stand out

Simpson's Paradox project image 0Simpson's Paradox project image 1Simpson's Paradox project image 2Simpson's Paradox project image 3Simpson's Paradox project image 4
This interesting and unusual topic deserved a very unique, quirky style all of its own. Using bold colours and silhouettes we created a striking visual aesthetic that helped to pinpoint certain areas on screen, focussing the viewer to the key parts of the narrative. We were conscious of the complicated subject matter so simple visuals and layout were essential to keep the viewer engaged.

Taking it further...

After the intial success of Simpson's Paradox we went on to produce 2 more films for the TEDEd platform. Films on Metallic Glass and Radiation. The platforms intuative appraoch to commissioning allowed us to reach out to junior animators to helps us with the films creation, which was a welcome opportunity.