End Client CDSmart
Director Tom Sanders

The idea

Start up CDSmart needed a 'smart' explainer to introduce their new pharmaceutical tool. They also needed a group of diverse characters to be the face of it, so who were we to refuse.

How we made it stand out

Introducing... project image 0Introducing... project image 1Introducing... project image 2Introducing... project image 3Introducing... project image 4
Some initial branding had been created including the logo and software itself so using this as a basis we grew the style creating 4 new primary characters to be the face of the brand. The film centered on a user journey interspersed with glances at the software.

Taking it further...

A great project that has seen our relationship grow with the guys at CDSmart (now PharmSmart). Their success meant we furthered our output with them that included another 4 tool specific films and also creating cut outs of the characters to be used at trade shows.
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